New Warning Signs At AT&T

New Warning Signs At AT&T
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tweep QUOTES!! 5-23 to 5/29

Hey Gang, The quotes are UP!!! Sorry I'm a day late on these, but I was on Vacation....

Quotes of the Week – The Best, the worst, the funniest, and the Douche-Baggiest that that I find in Twitter, my inbox and my text messages during the week. These aren’t the mainstream folks that have 5 Gazzilion followers; these are folks that deserve more run, and my attempt at getting it for them!!

Best of the week: 5-23 to 5/29

Special Props to @notGiantsGM this week... Off the hook funny!!


Tweet - @DoctorKajita Ugh, dying to watch Sharks game but forced to watch Teen Mom with wife
Reply - @BASportsGuy Bay Area Sports Guy Well, both are about getting one thru the 5-hole.

@notGiantsGM notgiantsgm Sharks are 2-54 tonight. Aubrey Huff is jealous

@notGiantsGM notgiantsgm Everybody hoping for retaliation tonight needs to relax...I really don't want to see anybody on #sfgiants get into a brawl with Mike Stanton

@notGiantsGM notgiantsgm Don't worry about Posey #sfgiants fans! Ashkon is gonna make more rap videos this season!

Hashtag of the week #PrematureSandovalTweets

Today's worst need a bit of explanation - Ozzie Guillen what can you say about this guy. Hard to believe he has the brains to manage a big league ball club, but he continues to have a job. Dude's unreadable twitter account continues to get him in trouble, but the best part is there doesn't appear to be any end in site. Best thing that could happen for the Sox is somebody take this account over for him. Worst thing that could happen for Twitter is that somebody takes this account over for him. Anything he tweets is worth the price of admission as the worst tweeter on the planet.... Well next to @HornyPatBurrell that is. Worst "troll" on Twitter BAR NONE!! Whom ever is running this troll needs to rethink the whole thing. Dick jokes are one thing, vile stupid dick jokes are completely another. I know 900 of the 1000 of you following this guy are seriously reconsidering.... you might as well just do it and stop encouraging the guy. He's awful and you know it.....

@OzzieGuillen Ozzie Guillen This weather is crazy my god what happen we this weather

@HornyPatBurrell Horny Pat Burrell Thanks for the "Pat the Bat" chants last night, SF. If you really wanna fire me up, chant "I'll ingulf your dick with my pussy" when I hit.

Douche Bag of the week....

Was there any doubt that when this tweet went up about Buster that there would be any other choice for the DoucheBag award? Congrats Spencer!! You win this one hands down. In fact there wasn't even anyone close, INCLUDING @HornyPatBurrell. You sir, are the biggest DoucheBag in Twitterland this week!!! Props to you!!!....I guess?

@cheryltweedy Spencer The good news for the #sfgiants is Buster Posey is overrated any way.

Enjoy the official Jose Canseco Douch Bag Award!!!

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