New Warning Signs At AT&T

New Warning Signs At AT&T
Starting Next Homestand All Ushers Will Carry This Sign

Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to the first post of the @GiantsMngrNot Blog

Hey welcome all,

I know I know, just what the world needs, another blog about our beloved Giants.... Right?

Well we're going to try and do things a little differently around here. I'm not here to grind out stats and debate on who's better and who's not. Thats left for the boys over at McCovey Chronicles, (Side Note: Grant is a kick to read, the rest of the clowns over there.... not so much). I take a lot of pictures, I mean a LOT. And random stuff too. Just anything I think is either funny, curious, or amusing. Like this:

This kind of shit is just funny to me... Don't know why... Just is.

We'll be taking a look at stuff going on in game, as well as some of the better moments on my Twitter feed. We'll get MAD interactive, and I hope to have some "In Game Pod Casts" over the coming weeks, to show you some of the great fun, my buddy Java Jeff and I have during games. This guy is a piece of work, and some of the best quotes during the weeks will come from him. He wont go on Twitter, and Facebooks from his "dumb phone" which he thinks is smart as fuck. He's as technically challenged as a box of rocks, but God Love him, he's a great guy.

We'll get down and dirty with the Giants, and you'll get a great deal of commentary about the Fresno Grizzlies. I live down here in Fresno, so we spend a great deal of time at "The Chuck" and we are really privileged to see the up and coming in the Giants farm.

Hope you stop in regular... I'll post random thoughts and pictures from time to time in what I hope will be something you'll enjoy reading.

Last but not least, in case you haven't figured it out..... I'm not really Bruce.

Just Say'n

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