New Warning Signs At AT&T

New Warning Signs At AT&T
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Friday, June 3, 2011

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Tejada?

Mycheal Urban of CSN Bay Area posed the question the question this morning on Twitter

So what should we do with Miggy?

So far in the first two months of the season, it's been a less than stellar beginning for him. In fact a huge point of frustration for Giants Fans. Lots of call outs for his outright release, trades, and or his head on a platter. And that includes me.

At this point, I see no upside to this guy other than being a utility guy off the bench to spell the left side of the infield. I see a little bit of upside in his clubhouse presence with the Latin players as a go to roll model, but if it came down to keeping him or Crawford on the roster, the choice is clear. You go go with the guy that can give you a ton of years of service, and let him learn how to hit. It's obvious he has the glove, but the question is can he hit for average over a 4 to 500 at bat season. And will the "Giants Way" allow for the growth.

As we've seen, Bochy and Sabs seem to be in love with their Vets, and will give these guys the last remaining strands of rope. Especially when a bad contract is involved (s'up Dave Roberts?).
It's clear to most that Miggy has used up his last strand of rope.

Those are my thoughts..... Yours?

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