New Warning Signs At AT&T

New Warning Signs At AT&T
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Do Your Job and Shut Up!!

So I have a little trouble with wrapping my brain around this Brian Fuentes recent rant to the press about A's Manager Garen's inability to communicate with him what his role is. His role as far as I'm concerned is do what the hell he's told. Brian here is what your role is. HOLD.... Hold the other team from scoring. If you're brought in and the bases are loaded in the bottom of the 9th, HOLD. If you're brought in the 2nd inning down by 10 runs, hold the other team from scoring. It's a simple concept Brian..... one you are paid HANDSOMELY for. There are 10 million reasons why, Brian.... 10 million.

Meanwhile Across the bay Brian Wilson continues to rack up holds, saves and yes even WINS. Why, cause he doesn't care. He cares only about one thing and that getting a big W for his teammates. Ego (albeit huge) never seems to come into play when it comes to Wilsons job. He does what he's asked to do by Bochy and you never hear a cross word about it. Wilson however seems to have a brain between his ears, and the difference between a guy like Fuentes and Wilson.

This story came out just a week following the News in New York about Jorge Posada pulling himself out of the lineup, trowing a tantrum like a 2 year old kid who was just told no about the gum he picked up at the grocery store. He was moved down in the lineup to the 9 hole, and Jorge wasn't having any part of it. Apparently when you hit BELOW the Mendoza Line players expect to be treated the same, and be allowed to hit high in the lineup. When the manager does his job and places you at the bottom (Like He Should) this should be considered an insult, and according to most Yankee Fans I talk to, completely justified.
You're kidding, right? News flash Yankee Fan and Posada, you do what you're told, and if you're slumping you battle out of it, but you battle out of it at the bottom of the lineup like your are told. I don't care if your manager told you to scrub toilets in New Yankee Stadium... You scrub um.

Personally I've never heard anything about Fuentes being a clubhouse cancer, and maybe those things are kept quiet, but you never hear a bad word said about Wilson's clubhouse role. He is the ultimate team guy. And thats well documented. Perhaps Mr. Fuentes should spend a little time with Willy. In fact I think Willy could write the book on how to be a great clubhouse guy.... "How to Fear Beards and Influence People"

Personally as a fan, I'm insulted when I hear crap like this. If I talked about my supervisor like that my ass would be on the street, or if I pitched a fit because I was demoted, for not doing my job properly, the unemployment line wouldn't be far behind. What these players need to understand, is we don't care what they think of their bosses. We don't care what goes on behind closed doors, and we don't care if your "feelings are hurt" because your boss didn't talk to you. We just don't care. What we care about are results.... and frankly Mr. Fuentes, your results are pretty piss poor right now.

Do what you're told, and Shut Up!!

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