New Warning Signs At AT&T

New Warning Signs At AT&T
Starting Next Homestand All Ushers Will Carry This Sign

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tweep QUOTES!! 5-23 to 5/29

Hey Gang, The quotes are UP!!! Sorry I'm a day late on these, but I was on Vacation....

Quotes of the Week – The Best, the worst, the funniest, and the Douche-Baggiest that that I find in Twitter, my inbox and my text messages during the week. These aren’t the mainstream folks that have 5 Gazzilion followers; these are folks that deserve more run, and my attempt at getting it for them!!

Best of the week: 5-23 to 5/29

Special Props to @notGiantsGM this week... Off the hook funny!!


Tweet - @DoctorKajita Ugh, dying to watch Sharks game but forced to watch Teen Mom with wife
Reply - @BASportsGuy Bay Area Sports Guy Well, both are about getting one thru the 5-hole.

@notGiantsGM notgiantsgm Sharks are 2-54 tonight. Aubrey Huff is jealous

@notGiantsGM notgiantsgm Everybody hoping for retaliation tonight needs to relax...I really don't want to see anybody on #sfgiants get into a brawl with Mike Stanton

@notGiantsGM notgiantsgm Don't worry about Posey #sfgiants fans! Ashkon is gonna make more rap videos this season!

Hashtag of the week #PrematureSandovalTweets

Today's worst need a bit of explanation - Ozzie Guillen what can you say about this guy. Hard to believe he has the brains to manage a big league ball club, but he continues to have a job. Dude's unreadable twitter account continues to get him in trouble, but the best part is there doesn't appear to be any end in site. Best thing that could happen for the Sox is somebody take this account over for him. Worst thing that could happen for Twitter is that somebody takes this account over for him. Anything he tweets is worth the price of admission as the worst tweeter on the planet.... Well next to @HornyPatBurrell that is. Worst "troll" on Twitter BAR NONE!! Whom ever is running this troll needs to rethink the whole thing. Dick jokes are one thing, vile stupid dick jokes are completely another. I know 900 of the 1000 of you following this guy are seriously reconsidering.... you might as well just do it and stop encouraging the guy. He's awful and you know it.....

@OzzieGuillen Ozzie Guillen This weather is crazy my god what happen we this weather

@HornyPatBurrell Horny Pat Burrell Thanks for the "Pat the Bat" chants last night, SF. If you really wanna fire me up, chant "I'll ingulf your dick with my pussy" when I hit.

Douche Bag of the week....

Was there any doubt that when this tweet went up about Buster that there would be any other choice for the DoucheBag award? Congrats Spencer!! You win this one hands down. In fact there wasn't even anyone close, INCLUDING @HornyPatBurrell. You sir, are the biggest DoucheBag in Twitterland this week!!! Props to you!!!....I guess?

@cheryltweedy Spencer The good news for the #sfgiants is Buster Posey is overrated any way.

Enjoy the official Jose Canseco Douch Bag Award!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Do Your Job and Shut Up!!

So I have a little trouble with wrapping my brain around this Brian Fuentes recent rant to the press about A's Manager Garen's inability to communicate with him what his role is. His role as far as I'm concerned is do what the hell he's told. Brian here is what your role is. HOLD.... Hold the other team from scoring. If you're brought in and the bases are loaded in the bottom of the 9th, HOLD. If you're brought in the 2nd inning down by 10 runs, hold the other team from scoring. It's a simple concept Brian..... one you are paid HANDSOMELY for. There are 10 million reasons why, Brian.... 10 million.

Meanwhile Across the bay Brian Wilson continues to rack up holds, saves and yes even WINS. Why, cause he doesn't care. He cares only about one thing and that getting a big W for his teammates. Ego (albeit huge) never seems to come into play when it comes to Wilsons job. He does what he's asked to do by Bochy and you never hear a cross word about it. Wilson however seems to have a brain between his ears, and the difference between a guy like Fuentes and Wilson.

This story came out just a week following the News in New York about Jorge Posada pulling himself out of the lineup, trowing a tantrum like a 2 year old kid who was just told no about the gum he picked up at the grocery store. He was moved down in the lineup to the 9 hole, and Jorge wasn't having any part of it. Apparently when you hit BELOW the Mendoza Line players expect to be treated the same, and be allowed to hit high in the lineup. When the manager does his job and places you at the bottom (Like He Should) this should be considered an insult, and according to most Yankee Fans I talk to, completely justified.
You're kidding, right? News flash Yankee Fan and Posada, you do what you're told, and if you're slumping you battle out of it, but you battle out of it at the bottom of the lineup like your are told. I don't care if your manager told you to scrub toilets in New Yankee Stadium... You scrub um.

Personally I've never heard anything about Fuentes being a clubhouse cancer, and maybe those things are kept quiet, but you never hear a bad word said about Wilson's clubhouse role. He is the ultimate team guy. And thats well documented. Perhaps Mr. Fuentes should spend a little time with Willy. In fact I think Willy could write the book on how to be a great clubhouse guy.... "How to Fear Beards and Influence People"

Personally as a fan, I'm insulted when I hear crap like this. If I talked about my supervisor like that my ass would be on the street, or if I pitched a fit because I was demoted, for not doing my job properly, the unemployment line wouldn't be far behind. What these players need to understand, is we don't care what they think of their bosses. We don't care what goes on behind closed doors, and we don't care if your "feelings are hurt" because your boss didn't talk to you. We just don't care. What we care about are results.... and frankly Mr. Fuentes, your results are pretty piss poor right now.

Do what you're told, and Shut Up!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

QUOTES!! 5-16 to 5/23

Quotes of the Week – Is what I see as the The Best, the worst, the funniest, and the Douche-Baggiest that that I find in my Twitter feed, my inbox and my text messages during the week. These aren’t the mainstream folks that have 5 Gazzilion followers; these are folks that deserve more run, and my attempt at getting it for them!!

@SFOrangeMan Orange Man
Somehow I've lost one follower and gained SIX. I love all you sick bastards. Now, let's all get naked and play twister. Ladies only.

@shanabartels Shana Bartels
@SFOrangeMan There's something inherently challenging/impossible/wrong about banging an Orange Person.

@SF_Giants San Francisco Giants
BREAKING: This is the man LAPD arrested today. LAPD Police Chief believes strongly this is the right guy #SFGiants

@TimMcCarver Tim McCarver
If you use steroids, it will shrink your balls. Or, in Lance Armstrong's case, ball.

@22gigantes 22gigantes
Mays pulls a Benjamin out of his pocket, gives it to some lucky kid in Harlem. Lucky they got that on video, else the cops interrogate kid.

@stacym155 Stacy Miller
I hate thunderstorms!! I think I could enter a wet t shirt contest just from walking to my car from the store ugghhh!

Java Jeff Text conversation of the week:
Me: I think I want to move the Man Cave TV to the other wall
JJ: I think I want to whoop MIGGY’S ASS!!!!! In the garage? Good Idea.

Worst: Not JUST for this one, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not for what it was ( a crying A’s fan) but for whom it was from. These guys (or guy that runs the account) were awful all weekend. Note: my comments follow the “>”

@CSNAthletics A's Updates from CSN
If the umps make the right call on the LaRoche error the A's win.”> ....& if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle #SFGiants


I really didn't have to think too long and hard about this. I'm pretty sure this guy is everyones douche bag of the week. But when I saw his new Twitter Av, it became a cinch. So much so, that will now accompany EVERY Douche bag of the week award.

Ladies And Gents, I give you the FOUNDER of the Douch Bag of the Week Award: Jose Canseco

Welcome to the first post of the @GiantsMngrNot Blog

Hey welcome all,

I know I know, just what the world needs, another blog about our beloved Giants.... Right?

Well we're going to try and do things a little differently around here. I'm not here to grind out stats and debate on who's better and who's not. Thats left for the boys over at McCovey Chronicles, (Side Note: Grant is a kick to read, the rest of the clowns over there.... not so much). I take a lot of pictures, I mean a LOT. And random stuff too. Just anything I think is either funny, curious, or amusing. Like this:

This kind of shit is just funny to me... Don't know why... Just is.

We'll be taking a look at stuff going on in game, as well as some of the better moments on my Twitter feed. We'll get MAD interactive, and I hope to have some "In Game Pod Casts" over the coming weeks, to show you some of the great fun, my buddy Java Jeff and I have during games. This guy is a piece of work, and some of the best quotes during the weeks will come from him. He wont go on Twitter, and Facebooks from his "dumb phone" which he thinks is smart as fuck. He's as technically challenged as a box of rocks, but God Love him, he's a great guy.

We'll get down and dirty with the Giants, and you'll get a great deal of commentary about the Fresno Grizzlies. I live down here in Fresno, so we spend a great deal of time at "The Chuck" and we are really privileged to see the up and coming in the Giants farm.

Hope you stop in regular... I'll post random thoughts and pictures from time to time in what I hope will be something you'll enjoy reading.

Last but not least, in case you haven't figured it out..... I'm not really Bruce.

Just Say'n