New Warning Signs At AT&T

New Warning Signs At AT&T
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Twit QUOTES!! 5-28 to 6/5

The Best, the worst, the funniest, and the Douche-Baggiest that that I find in Twitter, my inbox and my text messages during the week. These aren’t the mainstream folks that have 5 Gazzilion followers; these are folks that deserve more run, and my attempt at getting it for them!!
Best of the week: 5-28 to 6/5

The best backlash on Mychael Urban of CSN Bay Area’s, very smart “grown up” decision to lose the ear ring

@pcon34 Patrick Connor: @MUrbanCSN I'm gonna miss your earring how worked up people got over it...any thoughts on debuting a rat tail? thatd be dope!

@1UrbanEarring 1UrbanEarring: @MUrbanCSN What? Why are you breaking up with me? Give me another chance.

Some of my favorites for the week

@Love4PatTheBat Man or Machine?: I wonder what time LaRussa has the sprinklers set to go off at tonight. #sneakybastard

@TrippingOlney Not Buster Olney:

Best PSA of the week
@GirlsLoveGiants Heather loves SFG: In case you missed it ladies, Brandon "Stamos" Crawford is engaged. You may/may not have heard it here first! #SFGiants

Conversation of the Week: This week I had an interesting conversation with the Manager of the Starbucks I frequent. I saw that the leather couch that has been there since day one suddenly came up missing.... so I inquired.

Me: What happened to the couch?
SB Mngr: Oh, we traded it to another store for more table set ups. We were having an issue with some of the High School Kids.
Me: What? coming in and sleeping?
SB Mngr: Among other things.....~snicker~
Me: WHAT? You mean like playing "Stinky Pinky" on the couch?
SB Mngr: In a matter of speaking.... ~snickers again~
Me: Ummmmm..... You're kidding me right?

Douche Bag of the week: The award this week goes not to the poster (Actually this troll is pretty solid) but to this Dodger fan that was pictured. Dodger Fan being a dodger fan...

Courtesy of @mwschiff and the young Mr. Kuiper, "The Dodger Blues" #4Loko

Congrats, Son... You just earned yourself a Conseco

Now go buy yourself a new Koufax jersey and lay off the 4 Loko, Kid!!

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